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Water Conservation: New Recycling Technology

Water’s one of those things we take for granted; you open the tap and water flows out.  As population growth continues, so does the demand on the fresh water supply.   We understand that our future is tied to water availability and we’re committed to conservation.

We’ve done a lot of work to reduce the amount of water we use in our winemaking processes, but we realized you can only conserve so much water. The real opportunity was to figure out ways to recycle water in the winery again and again. We wanted to tell you about an amazing project we’ve been working on to recycle water using some new technology.

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  • Trilogy Glass & Packaging

    This is so fantastic! Even in a year with heavy rains and snowpacks like we had this past season we just cannot take water supplies for granted. We love that you are doing this now and practicing these great conservation techniques, conserving for the future. Fantastic system! Can’t wait to see the continued progress. Thanks for sharing.

    • Robert

      Thanks for the words of encouragement Trilogy. Transformative approaches like this take a team of people who are creative and dedicated to making a difference and we’re very thankful for all our partners who helped drive this pilot project home. We’re hopeful we can partner with a Govt. agency next to prove it’s a commercially viable and safe route to conserve huge amounts of water for wineries and all the food processors who use so much water packaging produce etc.. We’ll keep you posted on new developments.

  • Justin

    Very nice job on the video there Robert – that would have been an overly technical blog post, but worked quite well as a video.

    It’s also surprising how much energy is associated with water use – those are some pretty significant gas and electricity reductions you listed at the end.

  • Robert

    I guess it’s like what they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”, and some of this stuff gets technical so it might be 1000 boring words. It is surprising how much energy is tied up in water use. Check out our previous post:


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