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Seeing The Family Winery On Undercover Boss

Kendall Jackson

This week has been really exciting for me because the episode of Undercover Boss that features Kendall-Jackson is finally here. We’re the first winery that was chosen to participate. And I feel that the show really provides an intimate perspective of a company.

This week’s episode is no different. I got a sneak peek and found it very touching; I think you’ll agree that it leaves a lasting impression. Undercover Boss also reinforced to me how dedicated and passionate the employees are to the company, which is evident throughout the show.

We’re a family owned company that is invested in our land and our people. I think you’ll get a taste of the values we instill here by watching show. We’re committed to making the best wine from the best land with the best people.

On his journey Rick Tigner, president of Kendall-Jackson, really does connect with each of our core principles and does a great job telling our story.

I hope that all of you will tune into the episode this Sunday and get a little taste of what life is like in Wine Country, and maybe learn a little more about Kendall-Jackson.

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  • justaposter

    I thought the CEO should have fired the delivery guy. He was terrible! Then, if his attitude wasn’t bad enough, he had the audacity to become defensive towards the CEO! Way to get promoted! :)

  • johno

    I have a different viewpoint. I at a senior level in Fortune 500s . There were three previous US Undercover Boss editions (e.g. Diamond Resorts International) where employees handled customer service poorly. Those bosses immediately felt that they, the boss, were the problem since the whole point of the show is to find out how a CEO policies affect the personnel. In each of the three other shows. I reference. the boss was able to correct the employees behavior by first saying “the buck stops here; as the CEO I am the first one at fault for poor customer service so I am going to help you get trained”. In this show the boss sees the driver’s fault and does not do his homework and allow his management team to figure out were there other issues.

    Does anyone understand in the state of CA you should not threaten to fire or suspend without proper due diligence. There was no review of the driver’s actual records. He may have had a bad day. He admitted he was frustrated after 16 hour days for three years, HELLO….the state of CA Dept of Transportation could this video to investigate the company for violation of driving rules. The limit is 12 hours:

    I could just keep saying more but suffice it to say that I was unimpressed with the ability of this new CEO to discern what makes this business run.

    I recommend this CEO watch the other shows and obtain some mentoring from men like Sheldon Yellon of Belfor

    • johno

      Sorry, hit the post too fast.

      The second sentence should have read : I work at a senior level in Fortune 500s

    • Promontorium

      I came to the same conclusion from a different angle. You have provided a lot of good reasons why the boss shouldn’t have been so quick to judge. I too felt he should have at least looked into the situation to see if there was an administrative problem. Instead this boss gave all the rewards to the guy who had briefly met his old mentor (whom he seemed unprofessionally attached to). The real evidence that the boss was ultimately wrong was that the employee went on to innovate the admin process, the boss thought he was teaching the employee a lesson and the employee taught the company a lesson instead.

  • maricone

    What did he do to get his vine workers to learn english? One of them said he worked (trabajado) there for five years, geeze learn english already?


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