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Everyone needs their space, right? A girl cave goes well with friends! Imagine a room in your house where you can cozy up with a book, gaze out of the window with a glass of K-J, invite friends over where the seating is good & the music is yours and the wine flows. There are so many man cave ideas out there so we’ve decided to post some girl cave ideas, inspired by our fan Casey M.!



Casey transformed her sunroom into a girl cave. She tells us: “I have loved your wine since I was introduced to it while living in Minnesota. Everyone knows it is my all time favorite. Though I’m still working on it, my room is going to be perfect for the girls to come over and relax under the KJ banner while drinking chilled KJ Chardonnay!!”

That K-J banner was a part of a display a few years ago & Casey’s friend was lucky enough to find it…& Casey was lucky enough to receive it! We’re not sure we even have any of those lying around the winery…

Girl cave ideas for a space in your home:

  • Decorate your room with things you love. Really love. If you love K-J, display empty bottles as vases or make them into hurricane lanterns for candles. If you love geometric patterns, grab a couple of pillows and spice up the space.
  • Hit up Pinterest for paint color ideas, easy crafts for decor and refurbished furniture.
  • Furniture: You probably have all you need in your home – start rearranging and see what happens! That extra dresser you always wanted to re-do? Paint it a bright color & use it as a bar in your new girl cave! If you need some extra pieces, reduce/reuse/recycle and hit up thrift stores & garage sales for furniture with good bones. The finish is just some elbow grease away from being the perfect item for your new girl cave.
  • Mini fridge. If man caves can sport a kegerator, girl caves can stock a mini fridge with bottles of K-J, right?
  • Seating. This is probably the most important because you’ll want to be sure you & your friends are comfortable. An overstuffed couch and chaise lounge are perfect seating for lounging in your new space with a chilled glass of K-J Chardonnay.
  •  Music. Add portable speaker system to your room for easy connection to your digital music device. Anyone can connect anytime!


Submit your ideas for the perfect girl cave in the comments, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Pinterest or show us your space in Instagram!



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